Day 9 – WILL

09 - will.pngDay 9 – WILL

Another aspect of the Augustinian spirituality is the will. As he says, the will is all important. Will originates for Augustine in the emergence of thought from being. It is found in their unification from out of their distinction. It means that the practical, decision, and the works of love can have, and do have, and must have their ground in the revelation of being in thought. This is the standard for and true character of our fundamental Christian institutions. Further, if they correspond to their spiritual origin, they must give and will give and must be made to give satisfaction to the individual self. At enmity with the Augustinian doctrine of the will and thus of love are endless mindless practicality, cynicism which keeps decision on the same plane with experiences: multiple and tentative. Its enemies are also those who determine the laws of love from the necessities of the body, here the libertines and the reactionaries meet.

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