1. Desire and attraction

shutterstock_119233999-e1390492738360-800x500_c.jpgYou don’t need to over-analyse your life, looking for conclusive signs in every mood or event. This can become an obsession, and even a superstition, like reading the tea leaves or the horoscopes. When you stand back and take a look at the big picture, perhaps a pattern emerges, and you sense that you are being drawn in a particular direction. Usually, you don’t really need more signs, you just need to look and listen more carefully.

The ‘signs’ listed here simply point to some areas of life that you can pay attention to, ‘listening’ to what they mean.

  1. Desire and attraction – What do you care about? What do you love? What do you feel passionate bout? What would you love to commit yourself to? What do you feel pulled towards – even if you can’t explain why

How to Discover your vocation – Stephen Wang

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