You already have a vocation

hand-846092_1280--2---Custom--1.jpgYou already have a vocation – This vocation to holiness is already a part of your life, given to you at your baptism, and it is so important to remember that. Whatever situation you are in now, however unsatisfactory it seems, you already have a vocation. You might be working, studying, travelling, unemployed, or caring for someone at home; you might be very content, or utterly miserable; full of hope, or close to despair.

Whatever your situation, you can trust that God is with you, and that he calls you to be holy in this very situation. Things may well change – and perhaps they need to; but at this moment you must have the confidence to believe that even now there is a meaning and a purpose to your life; and that you can begin to fulfill that by everyday acts of love and kindness and patience.

How to Discover your vocation – Stephen Wang

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